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About Us

As a leading provider in the food industry we take pride in offering the best steaks, chicken and seafood at affordable prices. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and everyday. We offer free delivery to your home or business within 50 miles of Buffalo, NY. Gourmet Selection has been in the Buffalo area since 2008 and prides itself in customer satisfaction. We guarantee that your product will be free of freezer burn, taste great and be tender for 1 entire year. Give us a try your taste buds and wallet will be happy you did!!!


Why buy from Gourmet Selection Foods


Cry-O-Vac Packaging

Gourmet Selection Foods presents its state of the art cry-o-vac packaging. With our cry-o-vac packaging you get the best of both worlds, long storage life and the quality of freshness. The clear, leak proof film is sealed along the surface of the item to prevent freezer burn and guarantee freshness under proper storage conditions.

Quality of Products

All of Gourmet Selection Foods products are inspected by the USDA so that we can deliver nothing less than the finest products. Our beef products are graded USDA Prime. Prime steaks are some of the most sought after steaks in the USA. With only 3% of our nations beef graded prime, its makes these steaks hard to come by at a reasonable price. With Gourmet Selection you don't have to spare quality for price.

Portion Control

All of our products are restaurant trimmed 30-40% so you receive less fat, bone and waste. Our portion controlled product ensures proper diet and makes meal preparation fast and convenient. With portion control you pay for what you eat not what you toss away.


Home Delivery

Gourmet Selection offers free delivery to your home or business within 50 miles of Buffalo, NY by one of our independent contractors. With our free delivery we not only save you time but we save you money with the raising price of gas and aggravation of fighting the lines in the stores.

Our Guarantee

Gourmet Selection Foods offers a 12 month guarantee on all of its cry-o-vac packaged foods. We promise that your food will be great tasting, tender and remain free of freezer burn for 12 month. If you are dissatisfied for any of the above reasons your product will be exchanged upon reorder.